Our House by Louise Candlish

Trust. It’s a big word and a fairly big concept. By nature, I’m a fairly trusting person. I trust the people I care about to care about me in return, I trust bus drivers to drive properly because that’s their job and I trust that when I leave the car unlocked over night it wont get stolen because actually where I live people are mostly trustworthy (that’s also massively interspersed with hope which to this date seems to be paying off, but please don’t tell my husband because he gets really cross about it for some reason)

With that in mind, I also trust my husband not to sell the house from under my feet, which is more than can be said about Fiona Lawson, who is the ‘victim’ in Our House. I mean, she did trust him not to, but basically it looks like he did and she can’t, by any stretch of the imagination, think why.

What I really enjoyed about this book (well, and also found quite unsettling) was that everything that happened, to Fiona, and her husband Bram, could actually really, IRL happen. It would be hugely unfortunate, but the chain of events which lead to the sale of her beautiful home is not outside the realms of possibility for someone who maybe has a bit of a past and something to hide in the first place.

It’s a bit of an eye opener and guys, please if there’s anything that I’ve taken away from this book is that you should maybe keep your passport under lock and key at all times, but it’s really well paced and tightly written and for an easy yet convincing read, it’s a goodie.

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