Such a fun age by Kiley Reid

I didn’t even read the blurb on this book before I jumped straight in – I saw Reece Witherspoon’s book club had read it and just followed suit – if Reece is in to it, it’s got to be good, right? (I have a bit of a crush on Reece Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow, but that’s a completely different story)

Such a fun age is actually quite a challenging read, in that the characters are all quite complex and there isn’t a clear right or wrong route through it – the subject matter is one that made me put the kindle down and really think about it for a while, and there were a few quiet observations made, which absolutely blindsided me.

There are two main characters and they are completely different but Reid has tied them together by giving them both a set of friends who they gather round and lean on heavily, with very different results. It’s a really interesting take on female friendships and where they can take you, what they can give you and how they can shape you.

This is a current, relevant, funny, sharp, and wonderfully put together book. It bristles with humanity – it made me cry in many places, but in a subtle and quietly heart breaking way. It’s the kind of book where I just want to keep on reading about the characters throughout their life until they die, naturally – like, I’d be happy if a soap opera type thing was created for them so I could watch them live and breathe.

Why did it resonate so much with me? Is what I’ve found myself wondering since I finished it – why is it that not one, but nearly all of the characters made such an impact? Did Kiley Reid somehow do the impossible and make all of them relatable? Maybe that’s what it is but whatever, Reece Witherspoon has very good taste and my crush has been vindicated – this is an absolute corker of a book.

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