The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Morning! Hope you’re waking up feeling fresh, and if not, that last night was worth the pain… (this is assuming you’re reading this on Sunday morning and that you actually had something to do last night… which lets face it, is fairly unlikely during October 2020 in the UK…)

Sometimes we all need some light relief in our lives and that includes in our reading material. I felt the need to get out of the heavy stuff, of which I have been consuming quite a lot. That’s not a bad thing, but there came a point when I needed not to be questioning all humans’ morality.

So, I present you with a way out of the heavy stuff – this book.

Over the last few years I have had many a conversation with friends about setting up and living in a kind of commune. A place where everyone has their own space, but also everyone is close by and doing similar things, so we can hang out and enjoy eachothers company more regulary (never has this been more relevant than in 2020!).

If, when we lived in this halycon place, there was an opportunity to investigate murders with people who actually carried some weight and who could make people do things for them, then all the better. Coopers Chase is this place and Elizabeth is this person in The Thursday Murder Club, and she is excellent. Joyce is her trusty side kick who has a penchant for the gentleman, and is a joy. Ibrahim is quietly cofident and Ron just shines. They are the club and they solve murders.

They are also all over the age of 50, they all have a life and secrets and desires and fears and that is what is so great – this isn’t a book for old people, about old people – it’s a book, where the people are older than your usual protagonists, but all that does is add to the layers of the story.

It’s funny, light hearted, poignant, fun, well written – it’s everything this kind of book should be.

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