About me

I have no great claims to any brilliant knowledge about books, or literacy or language or indeed education (of that I have none). I do though, have a lifelong love affair with fiction. And chat. So this is just my way of combining the two, without driving those around me to distraction.

My ideal book is an epic novel, stretching across continents and time and I’ve done a post about that here. But, I’ll read anything which ideally tackles some kind of concept, or issue, or relationship. I like to gain something from a book, which could be as simple as learning a new word, or gaining insight into a relationship which I previously had no knowledge of.

I like to swear (sorry in advance), I live in London with my family who all like to read, and a dog, who doesn’t. I also like holidays – the anticipation and the execution, so often it’ll all tie in and this is also why I have a separate page for holiday reading – for me it’s an important part of the holiday planning!

If you have any comments or feedback, I’d love to hear from you – thanks for reading.

Hannah x